Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1 – I have problems downloading content from this website. What should I do?
Just go to the How To Download section.
Question 2 – Why don`t you upload hacks to direct links servers?
Just think! If we upload hacks there, tons of people would download them and all hacks would be saturated and it causes that would be detected by game developers. We upload our hacks and we protect through surveys to don’t be detected.
Question 3 – The hack didn’t work. Please help me.
You shouldn’t worry. We have a team which is online more than 16/24 hours. If the hack didn’t worked for you please contact us so we can give you fast a working version. Although the chance for a unworking hack is less than 5%.
Question 4 – I want a game to be hacked. Can I make requests?
Yes! You can request to us the hack and we will add it on your list.
Question 5 – I can’t download Hack Tool to my iDevice. What should I do? You should download and use Hack Tool on your computer! All generated items will be transfered via GameCenter!
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